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Prices inert on cotton market

2021-11-16 08:52:05
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*Prices inert on cotton market*

*Spot rate of cotton remained unchanged on Monday at Rs 16,300 per maund as announced by the Karachi Cotton Association while the market remained steady.* *The Spot Rate Committee of the Karachi Cotton Association (KCA) maintained the spot rate unchanged at Rs 16300 per maund.*

*However, trading volume remained low while prices of cotton also remained unchanged. Chairman Karachi Cotton Brokers Forum and analyst Naseem Usman commenting on the situation said that trading remained slow but prices of Polyester fiber added Rs 3 to its per kilogram price taking it to Rs 250 per kilogram from Rs earlier 247 per kilograms.*

*He said rate of cotton in Sindh remained between Rs 13000 to Rs 16,800 per maund and the rate of cotton in Punjab was registered at Rs 14,300 to Rs 16,700 per maund. The rate of the new crop of Phutti in Sindh was remained between Rs 4,500 to Rs 7,200 per 40 kg. While Phutti prices in Punjab were between Rs 5,800 to Rs 8,000 per 40 kg.*

*Similarly, prices of cotton in Balochistan were remained at Rs 13,800 to 16,400 per maund while Phutti prices were high as compared to other two provinces which were Rs 6,200 to 8,000 per maund, said Naseem Usman.*

*The rate of Banola in Sindh was in between Rs 1,350 to Rs 2,000 per maund. While in Punjab rates of Banola were in between Rs 1,650 to Rs 2,200 per maund. As many as 1,200 bales of Saleh Pat were sold on Monday at Rs 16,000 per maund, 200 bales of Rahim Yar Khan at Rs 16,500 per maund, 200 bales of Haroonabad at Rs 16,000 per maund, 200 bales of Mian Wali at Rs 16,700 per maund, 200 bales of Fort Abbas at Rs 16,000, 200 bales of Yazman Mandi at Rs 16,000, 12,00 bales of Faqeer Wali at Rs 16,000, 200 bales of Marrot at Rs 16,100 and 400 bales of Jahanian at Rs 14, 200 per maund.*

*Meanwhile, Naseem Usman said that local cotton market during the last week witnessed overall stable rate of cotton. Textile and spinning mills remained involved in buying of quality cotton while ginners were also involved in buying of Phutti due to its high prices.*
*Trading volume remained a little bit low.* *The mills were involved in buying cotton locally despite high rates because the rates of cotton in international market are also high and the rate of US dollar has again increased.*

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