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Panipat thread is becoming an alternative to jute, does not harm the environment, 15 new units installed.

2021-07-24 17:04:22
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Panipat thread is becoming an alternative to jute, does not harm the environment, 15 new units installed.

PANIPAT - Jute is becoming costlier and yarn is becoming an alternative to save it from the damage caused to the  environment. Cotton yarn made in Panipat is being used in place of jute rope and twine. With the increase in the use of thread in twine and rope, the demand is also increasing.

Entrepreneurs making open end yarn say that the export of yarn made here has also started. Due to the formation of color thread, the environment is not harmed by the dyeing chemical. In view of the increasing demand for yarn, new units have also started coming up. Preparations are on to set up 15-20 plants. Some entrepreneurs who set up a mink blanket plant, replaced the mink blanket with open end (thread making) industries.

Production of 30 lakh kg of thread
Panipat produces 30 lakh kg of yarn daily. 70 units of thread are engaged. Most of the thread is made from waste by mixing cotton and kamber. The consumption of thread is high in export. Due to good export orders, the demand for yarn is going well.

Fine count started
Earlier only chorus count was made in Panipat, now 20 count fine has also started being made. Fine count is being exported.

Yarn consumption increased due to the creation of textile hub.
Panipat has become the hub of home furnishing. The consumption of the domestic industry is also increasing continuously. As a raw material in textile, only thread is used in the warp. Due to the continuous increase in the demand for yarn, the focus of the mills located in other states has been focused on the market of Panipat. Now the consumption of polyester yarn is also increasing. The consumption of polyester yarn also increased due to the production of mink, polar, 3D sheet in Panipat.

Government should promote yarn industry
Exporter Brijesh Garg, Dinesh Bansal say that the government should come forward to promote the yarn industry. The yarn used in the industries here can be produced in Panipat. The government should set up a mill to make polyester thread. This will give employment to the people of the state. Textile industry will get cheaper yarn.

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