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Pink bollworm attack on cotton in Sirsa

2021-09-30 07:31:39
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*Pink bollworm attack on cotton in Sirsa 🔴*

*Haryana agriculture department officials have confirmed a pink bollworm outbreak on cotton crop in the fields of Sirsa district adjoining Punjab.*

*Officials have advised farmers to take precautions. There has been an outbreak of pink bollworm in Punjab and farmers have questioned the quality of Bt cotton seeds. In Punjab, a young farmer even committed suicide on Sunday*

*Babu Lal, deputy director of agriculture (DDA), said in view of the possibility of pink bollworm outbreak in cotton crop in Sirsa district, the team of agriculture department visited fields and inspected it. During the inspection, pink bollworm has been found in the cotton crop, he said.*

*He said pink bollworm damaged the cotton crop in the mid and late stage.*

*How to identify pink bollworm*

*“To identify the outbreak of pink bollworm, it is necessary to see the green flower bud after opening it. Of 100 flower buds of cotton in the field, 10 flower buds appear closed like roses, then when the flower buds are opened, pink worms or nets made by it are visible. If pink or white larvae appear in 2 flower buds out of 20 green flower buds after opening which are 10 to 15 days old in large size, then pink larva needs to be controlled,” DDA said.*

*Management of pink bollworm*

*Inspect the field every morning and evening to monitor the disease. Collect and destroy the fallen flower buds affected by pink bollworm. In the field where there is no outbreak of pink bollworm, pluck that cotton separately and store it separately. To eliminate the pink bollworm present in the cotton, the field where pink larva has been infested should be stored and treated properly.*

*The selection of cotton and the harvesting of wood should be done as soon as possible according to the economic benefits, for this, the last irrigation in the cotton crop must be given by the end of September, doing this will also reduce the damage caused to the crop. Cotton residue and partially loose flower buds should be destroyed. Wood from the pink larva infested area should not be moved to the new area. The same insecticide should not be sprayed repeatedly.*


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